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Subsail subscriptions have renewal intervals that you control.

If you publish irregularly, that's fine! Just tell Subsail the day that you’d like to schedule renewals for your next issue. Read more

Subsail gives a magazine with a small staff like ours the ability to scale the readership to large numbers without having someone dedicated to subscriptions and distribution.
Jeremy Smart

Sell renewing subscriptions and secure reliable revenue.

We like to think of subscriptions as pre-orders powered by your biggest fans. With Subsail, you can rely on recurring sales to better fund your future issues.

Subscribers are the true supporters of any independent magazine. Subsail has allowed us to really grow our readership.
John Coe

Sell subscriptions that best suit your magazine.

Sell renewing subscriptions.

Sell non-renewing subscriptions.

Sell subscriptions that renew every issue, or every year.

It’s your call and everything is possible. Read more

Subsail is a dream for magazine publishers! It's refreshing to work with a company who understands the unique culture and challenges of independent publishing.
Julia Huisman

Drop in a Subsail-powered checkout on your website.

It takes just minutes to start selling subscriptions on your site (and it doesn’t matter which service you're using). Subsail’s overlay checkout allows customers to buy without leaving your website. Read more

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