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Stay in touch across email, automated notifications and marketing campaigns. All managed from one place.

Automated subscription notifications

Set up emails for non-renewing subscribers to alert them of their lapsing subscriptions, and to prompt them to renew. Subsail provides an example drip campaign for you to use; tweak this to your own tone and schedule.

Customisable email templates

Every email you send from within Subsail can include personalised data using template tags, like {{ subscriber.first_name }}. Use these to create highly-personal and -relevant emails for your customers.

Mailchimp sync

Subsail’s deep integration with Mailchimp means that subscriber details can be synced to your newsletter lists. You can then send targeted Mailchimp campaigns to different groups, like “Subscribers with an active subscription” or “Subscribers who have purchased issue 5.”

Editable system emails

Use Subsail’s email template tools to write your own receipts, login link and forgotten password and other system emails.

Direct in-app email

Need to ask a quick question from a subscriber? Send email quickly from within Subsail without changing to your email client (or searching for email addresses).

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