Sell subscriptions on your schedule

Selling magazines online has never been better than this. Subsail lets you sell flexible subscriptions alongside single issues and other products in a combined storefront.

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Manage your readerbase with ease

Subsail is the place to host your subscriptions. Search, filter and segment. View subscribers by issue. Mark off sent issues. All the tools you need (but don’t have yet).

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Communicate with your subscribers

You should be in frequent contact with your readers. Subsail makes it easy. In-app direct email, customisable automated subscription notifications, plus syncing with Mailchimp.

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Import orders from your online shop

Continue selling anywhere online and let Subsail turn your unmanageable one-off orders—both past and future—into manageable and actionable subscriptions.

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Export your data

Your data shouldn’t be locked away. Subsail provides instant exporting to CSV, from custom lists of subscriptions to by-issue or by-segment groups.

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Subsail integrates with a number of platforms across a range of functions, to mak it easier to manage and fulfill your subscription orders.

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