Sell anywhere, manage in Subsail

You can use Subsail as a place to easily manage your subscriptions, while selling on any other platform. You are probably happy with your current shop; great! Subsail can automatically import your subscriptions, or you can manually upload them.

Supercharged, automatic imports

Subsail can automatically import subscription orders (within seconds) from your Shopify, Big Cartel or Woocommerce shop, or your PayPal checkout flow. Easily import orders from Squarespace using a CSV file.

Easy import your previous and current subscribers

Make sure your whole subscriber base is in the same place. Set up past imports from Shopify and Big Cartel with just a few clicks. Upload orders from other platforms from a spreadsheet.

Total flexibility with where you sell

You can sell on Shopify or PayPal or Subsail or other platforms, or all at the same time :) The combination that works with you works for Subsail.

Upload in bulk

Using CSV files from your spreadsheets, you can import in bulk or add single subscriptions in-app in a single form.

Manual form

Quickly add one-off orders that haven’t come through a regular sales channel, using a simple form in your account.

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