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Pricing and billing FAQs

Can I try Subsail before paying?

Yes! You can use the full Subsail product completely free until you hit 20 new subscriptions. This allows you to try Subsail with zero time or feature restrictions.

Which plan do I start on?

You pick your first plan once you've hit your free quota. You can choose to start on any plan. As you grow further, you will be automatically upgraded between paid plans.

How does billing work?

Subsail uses Paddle for internal account billing. You can pay for your plan using a card or PayPal. Please note: receipts will be sent from Paddle.

How do you calculate subscription numbers for each plan?

Your subscription total is calculated from the amount of subscriptions created since you created your account. Imported subscriptions sold before that date do not count against your subscription total.

How can I update my payment information?

You can easily change your payment information on your Billing page from within your Subsail account.

Will I be charged VAT?

Under international tax law you may be charged VAT based on your status and location. When you pay for a plan, you will have the option to input your business tax number.