A perfect overview

Subsail offers powerful overviews of the main building blocks of your subscriber base: subscriptions, issues to be fulfilled and subscribers.

Always know who needs which issue

Keeping track of which issues a subscriber has bought is difficult but Subsail makes this incredibly easy. View a list of every issue your subscribers have bought, filter by issue or status and mark shipping dates with a few clicks.

Drill down into your data

Powerful filters and search allow you to find or browse by core subscriber data points (like lifetime value, location or issues ordered). To view subsets of subscribers, create subscriber segments based on information like location and issues purchased.

Edit and update subscription data

Manual tools inside your account let you add and update subscription and subscriber data, giving you the flexibility to update information whenever you need to.

Accounts for your subscribers

Every subscriber you add to Subsail automatically gets their own account where they can see their orders, check the status of their bought issues and update their shipping details. Accounts don't have passwords; customers log in with a special link included in their receipt.

Subscriber and financial statistics

Subsail makes some important stats and insights about your subscriber base available on your dashboard, like revenue, recurring subscription levels, rate of new subscriptions and more.

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