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New on Subsail: Discount codes and a new checkout experience

Today sees the launch of three big updates to Subsail’s selling product. Promo codes Discount codes are here! Combined with campaign codes (used to track promotional campaigns), they make up a new part of Subsail, “promo codes.” You can create discount codes for amount, percentage and free shipping, which gives you a nice range of choices to entice new subscribers. Promo codes are available from […]

Magazine subscriptions are hard

“Simply, magazine subscriptions are incredibly hard. Hard to set up, hard to maintain and manage, and hard to get right for the business and your subscribers.”

Coffee, magazines and Caffeine

Caffeine is a London-based coffee magazine. Founder and editor, Scott Bentley, explains its cafe-focused distribution model and goes into depth about its four-year journey scaling to a 40,000 copy print run.