Sell flexible, renewing magazine subscriptions

Sell renewing (or non-renewing) subscriptions on your website in just a few minutes.

Create any type of subscription

With Subsail, you can offer a suite of subscriptions created for, and targeted at, different reader groups. Sell renewing or non-renewing options, offer different subscriptions to certain countries. You're in control.

Create any type of subscription.

Add a Subsail checkout to your site

Simply paste a link to your Subsail checkout and customers can buy subscriptions right away. There's no software to install or configure. It just works.

Simply add a link to Subsail from your website.

Subscriptions that renew on your schedule

Forget fixed interval subscriptions, which force you to release issues on their schedule. With Subsail, you only charge subscribers when each issue is released, relieving you of the pressure to release issues every X months.

You specify renewal dates.

Sell subscriptions seamlessly from your site

Use the overlay checkout with a single line of code (super easy to copy and paste). This will load the checkout over your website (instead of a regular link), giving your customer a more cohesive and pleasant experience.

A secure, hosted checkout

Your subscription shop is served over https and payments are all made securely using payment processor Stripe.

Print and digital subscriptions, side by side

Offer print and digital subscriptions from the same checkout. All orders appear in your Subsail account, side by side.

Add your magazine's personality

Working off a beautiful default checkout design, it's easy to change colours and fonts and to add your magazine's logo. Make your checkout match your website.

Sell locally, worldwide

Sell subscriptions in USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD and HKD.

Offer discounts

Create discount codes to give a percentage or amount off a customer's first purchase or even all future renewals. Perfect for promoting subscriptions when you launch a new issue.

Track promotions with campaign codes

Share links to your campaign codes so you can easily track campaign sales and effectiveness. See who and how many customers use each code.

Renewal charge retries that work

When it comes to renewals, Subsail's dunning system will retry failed payments up to five times, helping to recover valuable lost revenue. Publishers are seeing up to 80% of failed payments turn into successful charges (and happy, renewed subscribers).

Accounts for your subscribers

Every subscriber you add to Subsail automatically gets their own account where they can see their orders, check the status of their bought issues and update their shipping details. Accounts don't have passwords; customers log in with a special link included in their receipt.

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