Fulfilment tools

Keep track of subscribers for each issue, then export your orders in a few clicks.

Be in the know

Always know—from new sale through to data export—which issue a subscriber has bought, and who is owed your next issue.

View all unfilfilled copies at a glance.

Mark copies as sent

When you make a shipment (or create an export within Subsail), mark copies as sent in Subsail. This keeps your system up to date and allows your customer to know when their magazines have shipped (from their password-less accounts).

Helpful CSV export formats

Subsail offers CSV downloads in formats for magazine fulfilment companies Heftwerk, Newsstand and Hemlock plus shipping platforms Shippo and ShipStation.

Super specific exports

Subsail's export tool lets you specify which issue and medium (print or digital or both) you want to export orders for. Be super specific or just export everything. Whatever works for you!

Automatic export to Newsstand

Set up a connection with Newsstand to send all of your new orders directly into their system. No need to edit spreadsheets again!

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