Subsail's unique renewals

Renewals in Subsail are different.

They run based on your issue release dates rather than time-based periods. This takes the pressure off your publishing schedule.

Why are Subsail's renewals different?

Indpendent magazines usually have fluid publishing schedules, which conflict with fixed time-based subscriptions. Subsail believes that subscriptions shouldn't dictate your release dates.

Subsail removes rigid future renewals and makes them editable so you will never have to rush an issue to print.

Renewals are only charged on the day you say they should be.

How it works

1. You set a charge date

As you get closer to your issue launch, choose a date that you want to charge your renewing subscribers. Keep changing it if you need to.

2. Renewals are charged

Subsail will charge subscribers on the date you set. Any failed payments will be retried up to four times over the next five days.

3. Send the magazines

Confidently export all the orders generated by the renewals (it’s super easy, only a few clicks) and send off magazines to your happy subscribers ❤️

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