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Subsail is a new online service that helps you easily view and manage your subscribers and their subscriptions, no matter where you sell them.

Use Subsail’s powerful selling tools

Sell through your Subsail-powered shop to offer renewing subscriptions (🙌) that can contain as little as one issue, and charge customers based on your magazine’s publishing schedule rather than fixed monthly or yearly intervals.


Import orders from your online shop

With automatic imports from PayPal, Shopify, Big Cartel and Woocommerce, Subsail can convert orders from your shop—both past and future—instantly into manageable subscriptions. You can also import sales data from any platform with a simple spreadsheet upload.


Once your subscriptions are safely in Subsail, you can see them all at a glance, easily check which issues need fulfilling and create subscriber segments based on data points like location, issues bought or sales source.


Subsail makes it extremely easy to communicate with your subscribers, with in-built direct email, data sync with Mailchimp, plus powerful and customisable automated email campaigns for lapsing subscriptions.


Your data is yours, however you need it. When you need to send issues to subscribers, export your order data—by issue, segment or a custom selection—with just a few clicks, in the format you want. Automatic fulfilment integrations (eg: Newsstand) are coming soon.

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Subsail is perfect for you if...

😑 You dread opening your subscriber spreadsheet

💰 You want to sell recurring subscriptions

😩 You don’t sell subscriptions because it’s too difficult

🤔 You can’t figure out how to retain subscribers


It's simple.

200 or fewer subscribers $29/month
201 or more subscribers $59/month

No hidden fees. VAT may be added for non business customers.
14 day trial.
Includes all features: selling, importing, managing, communicating and exporting.

Efficient and reliable subscription management is the backbone of any magazine and one of the many challenges of indie publishing.

You reach a point where a spreadsheet simply doesn't cut it anymore.

Kai Brach, Offscreen

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