Subsail powers magazine subscriptions for independent publishers.

Subsail has processed over $2 million 
in subscription sales and renewals for publishers like you since 2017.

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With Subsail you can sell print and digital magazine subscriptions to readers worldwide. It takes just minutes to set up on your website.

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Subsail has allowed us—and our customers—to manage subscriptions far easier than our previous system, and auto-exporting data to our fulfilment partner has been a huge timesaver.
Sam and Elliot Stocks
Easy to set up, easy to manage.
Subsail has been designed as a simple and powerful tool to power your magazine’s subscriptions, with an easy-to-add checkout combined with useful tools for taking care of subscribers and getting data ready for fulfilment.
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1. Add your products

Create renewing or non-renewing products. Choose your postage rates and number of included issues.


2. Send readers to your checkout

Add a link to your Subsail hosted checkout from your website or share it on social media.

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3. Monitor your sales

In Subsail, check your sales figures, your feed of activity and easily access your subscribers and subscriptions.

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4. Export for fulfilment

When you need to send out magazines, quickly export your data formatted for multiple platforms like ShipStation and Newsstand (and CSV).

Sell anywhere. Manage in Subsail.

Continue selling through Shopify, Big Cartel, Squarespace etc.
Import your subscriptions into Subsail and enjoy a much easier way to view, manage and fulfill your subscription orders.

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And there’s a lot more to discover in your Subsail account.

Renewals that only charge when you release new issues.

Easy exports for your fulfilment process.

Create subscriber segments.

Auto send new subscriptions to Newsstand.

Update subscriber addresses.

Manage cancellations and refunds.

Auto import subscription orders from Shopify and Big Cartel.

Sync subscriber info with your Mailchimp lists.

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Subsail has been an absolute game-changer for the Goodnewspaper. I've tried virtually every subscription tool on the market and none of them are as simple to use as Subsail.
Branden Harvey

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Handle fulfilment like a pro

Read how Subsail can help get your data in order for shipping out your magazines.

Connect Subsail to other platforms

Find out how Subsail integrates with Newsstand, Mailchimp, ShipStation and more.

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