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Subsail is the only subscription software built with small and independent publishers in mind.

Sell renewing subscriptions from your website in minutes.

Know your subscribers and understand your reader base.

Quickly export orders and renewals for fulfilment.

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Subsail has been an absolute game-changer for the Goodnewspaper. I've tried virtually every subscription tool on the market and none of them are as simple to use as Subsail.
Branden Harvey

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Sell recurring subscriptions on your publishing schedule.

Unlike other subscription platforms, Subsail’s subscriptions renew only when you say they do, giving you a totally flexible issue release schedule.

Understand your subscriber base in just a few clicks.

Powerful filtering and search plus a brand new interactive dashboard let you quickly drill down into your subscriber and subscription data and gain instant insights.

Export for fulfilment in a flash.

With Subsail you can easily track which subscribers are owed which issue plus mark shipping dates of individual issues within a subscription. Exports can be created for a number of fulfilment services so you can send on your orders and renewals with ease.

Start selling subscriptions in just minutes.

Simply create products then add a link to your Subsail checkout on your website. That’s it. Now you’re set up for earning valuable recurring revenue.

Subsail is a complete subscription platform for your magazine.

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Subsail has allowed us—and our customers—to manage subscriptions far easier than our previous system, and auto-exporting data to our fulfilment partner has been a huge timesaver.
Sam and Elliot Stocks

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