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A recently launched magazine making some waves in the indie world, It's Freezing in LA! was launched by scientists and Cambridge researchers.

“We launched It's Freezing in LA! about a year ago, in the Candid Café in London (drinking things with oat milk in to celebrate). Nina Carter, Art and Visual Content Editor, and I (Martha Dillon, Editor) had been to primary school together, and later reunited working on science magazines and illustration at university.

“The link between science and creativity is the essence of the IFLA! team, and celebrated throughout our publication. When we started, we felt that climate change was something that was still to be lifted into a more varied landscape of images and conversations. When it comes to climate—the most complex, politicised and seemingly inaccessible of topics—a range of fresh, diverse, bright ideas is a powerful way to start to untangle the situation we're in. We don't make the environment the footnote to other stories; each issue of IFLA! is a mosaic of images and ideas about how green issues intersect with all disciplines: from theatre to law to politics.

“We are a community of writers, illustrators and editors from a host of different backgrounds using intelligent writing, hand-rendered illustrations and beautiful graphic design to find a fresh voice in a field dominated by angry activism and dry science.

“The design stems from the title of the magazine, which is a subversive nod to a Donald Trump tweet: ‘Ice storm rolls from Texas to Tennessee - I'm in Los Angeles and it's freezing. Global warming is a total, and very expensive, hoax!’ We contrast the ignorance of that tweet with visually arresting images of truth: data, infographics, and aerial views of the planet in flux. In issue 1 we used global heat maps, while issue 2 featured a pervasive red smoke, taken from a video of the devastating California Fires in November.

“In the writing, no two topics are the same. Our writers and illustrators have covered topics from witches being blamed for the weather to seas changing colour to a crisis in the stage lighting industry. Climate change penetrates literally every facet of life, and at It's Freezing in LA! we want to understand what that means.”

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