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This interview was first published in the Coverage newsletter in March, 2018.

Earlier this week I chatted with Nupur Joshi Thanks, founder of Paper Planes. A former corporate lawyer, Nupur set up Paper Planes in 2014 to bring amazing indie titles to India, where there is, to this day, a very different magazine market.

Dan R: You started Paper Planes after discovering independent magazines on your travels. What do you enjoy about bringing indie mags to India?

Nupur JT: Oh, there are so many exciting things about bringing these titles to India and the timing is just right. People are investing in their passion and want to hear stories of others who do the same.These mags are on point inspiration for so many.

DR: That’s really cool to hear. So are indie mags a relatively new thing in India?

NJT: Magazines are not new but indie mags yes. The market has always been dominated by big media houses. Also the times were different; design and creative jobs were not considered as serious professions. So no one really thought this could be an independent venture. But with the fast-changing landscape of design and technology becoming easily accessible, people are finding innovative ways to express ideas. Independent magazines are such an incredible medium for this.

DR: Can you see momentum in India for new local magazines based on all the titles you are bringing in from overseas? Or can you see more interest from Indians wanting to explore the world through foreign mags?

NJT: Well the publishing momentum is still to catch on but there is a lot happening in the zine space which is a good beginning I reckon.The interest in new titles and the subjects they explore is slowly building and I am excited that we can help share the titles.

DR: That’s great. I’m sure exposure to a range of established titles from elsewhere will create a local scene too. And it’s wonderful that you’ve taken on the task of sharing all those magazines to a new market!What’s popular at the moment?

NJT: The usual suspects: Kinfolk, Monocle, Cereal do well. But people are responding positively to titles like Anxy, Weapons Of Reason, Vestoj. Also Gather Journal, The Happy Reader and The Gentlewoman have loyal followers like yours truly :)

I love (figuratively) going around the world and talking to people who are spreading their passion for great print.

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