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The third issue of Pit, a magazine focused on anything to do with cooking food with fire, comes out this week. I've seen a preview and it looks lit (lol). One of my favourite features is their “guide to cooking and eating goat meat.”

20 friends piled into art director Holly Catford's snowy/muddy back garden for a huge goat shawarma cookout. Here, Holly describes the day, and more about how the feature came together.

“In every issue we do what we call an ingredient focus. The first issue was ribs, and the second was corn. Goat is a really amazing meat, but not very well known over here apart from the classic Jamaican curry goat.

“We wanted to put together a feature that was a proper guide to cooking goat for beginners and experienced goat eaters. We collaborated with James Whetlor who owns Cabrito to introduce it, as well as carry out what we called ‘the project’, which was the massive goat shawarma.

“To shoot it, we had to have a barbecue in my back garden in the snow. Luckily twenty of our mates managed to drag themselves on a January Sunday to muddy Catford to eat most of it. This was all shot by our ‘King of the Camera’, Robert Billington.

“The next part of the feature was a classic butchers diagram (drawn by George Wylesol) annotated as a quick glance cheat sheet of all the cuts you can buy, and how to cook each one.

“Lastly there are three recipes by Helen Graves (our editor) and Donald Edwards (our booze expert). For this I worked with my studio mates Ian Wright and Ed Park. Ian took all the flavours from each recipe and turned them into beautiful goat portraits, then Ed shot them. Ian's famous for creating portraits of people out of the things that their known by, but this was the first time he'd done something like this for a recipe. They're probably my favourite thing in the issue.”

Enjoy some images from that day and some spreads of the finished feature...

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