In Subsail, each subscription type you sell is called a “product.”

Products are very flexible and you can sell a range of different types of subscriptions.

Subscription types

  • Recurring - subscriptions that keep charging subscribers every X issues
  • Non-recurring - subscriptions that contain X issues at a pre-paid fixed price


When you create a new subscription product, you give it a base price (eg: $30). You then add postage prices for different countries, which is how you can charge variable amounts for customers in different locations.

Important: Only countries you specify in your postage options are displayed in your checkout. This ensures you are in control of the countries you send magazines to.

There are two helpful options in postage, “Europe” and “Everywhere else”. Adding a price to “Europe” will add a price to every European country; you can use “Everywhere else” as a default amount that any unspecified country will be assigned.