How Subsail works

The basic premise of Subsail is that you import your subscription order details and the system provides an simple interface with which you can easily manage subscriptions and subscribers, instead of relying on spreadsheets.

There are three ways to get your subscription orders into Subsail:

Sell subscriptions through Subsail

Subsail provides selling tools to sell renewing or non-renewing subscriptions from a secure Subsail-powered storefront. Subsail subscriptions have flexible billing cycles determined by your issue releases rather than fixed perio intervals (like monthly, yearly that you see on other subscription platforms).

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Automated imports

A few of the major selling platforms allow order data to be sent directly and automatically to Subsail.

Once you set up a connection between your selling platform and Subsail (using something called webhooks) your past and future orders, subscriptions and subscribers can be sent to Subsail automatically, behind the scenes.

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Uploaded imports

If you don’t sell on Subsail or on one of the supported “automatic” platforms, you can import your subscriber data using CSV file uploads. Any spreadsheet can be exported as a CSV (“comma-separated values”) file, which Subsail can then consume and create subscriptions from. It’s very easy, but requires you to prepare a spreadsheet and upload it whenever you want to see new data in your Subsail account.

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