Export to Newsstand

With Subsail, you can set up automatic background exports of your new orders to Newsstand as they come in.

Set up sync

Go to the Export section of your Subsail account and click on the Newsstand tab.

Add EANs

Before you enable the sync to Newsstand, you need to add Newsstand’s “EAN” codes to each of your issues in Subsail. This allows Newsstand to identify which issue your subscriptions start from when data is entered into their system (and makes sure your customers are sent the right issues!).

Please email newsstand@subsail.com to request your EANs.

Turn on sync

When you’re ready for the sync to be enabled, simply turn on the sync in the form. You can disable the sync at any time (this will stop new orders from being sent to Newsstand).

Set an optional “buffer” period

In the form you will see a field that you can use to specify a buffer or delay period between when a new subscription purchase and when it is sent to Newsstand. This allows you a period of time to check over new subscription or edit data before the sync happens.

Sync history

Every sync attempt to Newsstand is tracked in your Subsail account. You can view your account’s full sync history from the Export > Newsstand page or see per-subscription sync status directly from each subscription’s page.