Subsail’s monthly fees are charged using Paddle, our chosen payment processor. You can choose to pay using a payment card or your PayPal balance.

How it works

Using Paddle’s checkout system, you can sign up to your plan using a payment card or PayPal. You can also easily update your billing information or cancel your plan.

Your Billing page →

Trial period

You can start using Subsail completely free, giving you an unlimited trial until you hit 20 new subscriptions. You will receive an email before you hit 20 subscriptions to remind you that you’re nearing your limit.

If you have any questions during your trial, please just email 👋

Failed payments

If a payment fails, Paddle will attempt to recharge you over the next few days. If the payment fails after the fifth day, your plan will be cancelled and your account will be restricted. You will, however, be able to export all of your data.