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This feature was first published in the Coverage email newsletter in April, 2018.

1. Don’t focus on the activity, focus on the output.

I don’t always love what I do, but I love what I put out into the world. The daily tasks in getting a magazine published are a lot less exciting and more repetitive than most people think. My day-to-day job doesn't get me all that excited anymore, but seeing the magazine out in the world and having people react to it is what keeps me going.

2. “After one issue” is always “before the next.”

The challenge of producing any frequently published content is that as soon as you're done with one release, the next deadline is looming. This can be pretty daunting and it gets exhausting quickly. So after each issue I try to take at least a week or two in which I try to unwind, cut back on work, and recognise the fact that—against all odds—I somehow managed to pull off yet another issue!

3. Shipping atoms around the world is hard.

I sometimes get jealous at friends who run purely digital businesses. They never have to deal with faulty production runs, damaged shipping boxes or missing shipments. Shipping tangible items to a global audience (no matter whether it's a magazine or a piece of jewellery) is a pain in the butt.