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Newsstand automatic sync

Newsstand is a valuable (and speedy!) fulfilment service in the UK. There was a huge opportunity to create a link between Subsail-managed subscriptions and Newsstand’s fulfilment system (I’d seen the benefits when doing a similar integration for Stack’s subscriptions).

Subsail’s Newsstand sync will send any new subscription directly to Newsstand, automatically. You no longer need to edit spreadsheets to get your data in Newsstand’s specific format.

Just turn on the sync and add Newsstand’s “EAN” (identifier) for each of your issues. Subsail will then handled the delivery of every new subscription to Newsstand and your magazines will be sent out without you having to do anything. Magic ✨

A new CSV export tool, plus support for new fulfilment services

Following the Newsstand integration, I wanted to create a more comprehensive export tool, for two reasons: better granularity in what data is exported, and support for new platforms.

You can now be specific about what data is included in each export, and can select a format for your platform of choice from Heftwerk, Shippo and ShipStation.

As a bonus, you can also mark all issue included in the export as “sent” in the same action, updating your data and making sure your subscribers can see when their magazines have been sent out.

(If you use a different fulfilment system, I’d be glad to get it integrated! Just let me know)

And a host of other stuff

  • Better cancelling of subscriptions and subscription issues
  • Customisable delay period for the automatic Newsstand sync
  • Product re-ordering in checkout
  • Better issue referencing throughout the app