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This week we hear from London-based designer Adam Hunt, about his new title This Way Up, which explores “the curiosity, desire and fulfillment of self-initiated projects in creative culture.” Right up my alley!

Here's Adam on how and why he started his own magazine...

“The idea for the magazine came at a time when I wasn’t particularly feeling where I was at with my professional life. Instead of putting my energy into trying to figure out a new project, I decided to make the project about side projects itself.

“At a similar time to this I was regularly attending talks by magCulture, Stack and Unit Editions. I had the initial thought of a magazine in the back of my mind, but after attending a few of these events and seeing a large number of people showing an incredible amount of passion for a specific medium, it really cemented it for me. In my mind, it was the perfect marriage – projects that people love, told through a medium that people love.

“I was seeing a lot of online blog fodder at the time, images made purely to get noticed without context. I found myself continually thinking, ‘what’s the point of these images’, ‘why do they exist?’, ‘what’s the reason or rationale (if any) behind them?’.

“TWU is a retort to that style of work with the aim of featuring thought provoking written and visual content, that delves deeper than design porn and the venereal, standardised copy lifted straight from a press release. Content that is instead, human and digs deeper, exploring the whys and reasoning behind the work.”

Issue 1 of This Way Up is limited to 100 hand-numbered copies. Head on over to to get your own before they're gone!