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Point.51 is a new magazine based in London exploring contemporary issues in Europe. The first issue, entitled “Journey” looked into the mass migration that Europe experienced a few years ago and talked with a range of people who were involved or affected by that period.

Here, Rob Pinney, co-editor of the magazine, takes us back to how and why Point.51 began...

“I think it is fair to say that what eventually became Point.51 grew out of conversations in early 2016 about the situation in the Calais ‘Jungle’, where one of our now-founding editors had been working (me). At that time, there was a lot of criticism of the reporting of the crisis there, and many people on the ground felt that newspaper reports often failed to capture the true extent of what was happening.

“That may or may not have been the case, but it was clear to us was that there was also room for another kind of reporting. Something longer, slower and more in-depth that looked not only at what was happening in front of us at the time, but also more widely to try and make sense of the enormous complexity of that situation and how it had come to exist in the heart of Europe. The story that came out of that, ‘Calais Belle Ma Ville’, is in our first issue. We worked on it for more than two years.

“It feels as though there have been quite a few new magazines and websites in recent years that aim to provide people with an alternative to newspaper reporting. Point.51 is a bit different. It’s not supposed to be a counterpoint to newspaper journalism—in fact, most of our editors and contributors routinely work for established newspapers. Instead, we’re doing something that we hope can sit alongside good newspaper reporting for people that are also interested in the issues we cover.

“Each issue has a particular theme—an important contemporary issue in Europe—and all the stories inside will speak to that theme. Our first issue is on migration and asylum. Our stories are all long-form, reported from the ground-up and based on extensive interviews with the people that experienced them in different ways. Some will probably be new to most readers like ‘The Cuban Connection’, which is about the increasing number of Cuban asylum seekers now arriving in Serbia. Others return to places that were headline news a few years ago—like the La Roya Valley in southern France, and Calais in the north—to investigate what has happened since, and to put those events in a broader context.”

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