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This interview first featured in the Coverage newsletter on March 2, 2018.

Omnom is a new magazine (just releasing their second issue this week!) focusing on plant-based food, and how we can lead more ethical lives.

But where did the idea for Omnom come from, and where is the magazine headed next? Over to editor, Helena Murphy...

“We wanted to publish a travel magazine. So of course, we ended up writing about ethical food and lifestyle.

“I had been vegetarian for around a year and Ben had cut down severely on meat. For the first time in our lives, we were inspired by food: constantly looking up new recipes to create and cook together. Before long, experimenting in the kitchen had become a shared passion and, not long after, we both made the decision to adopt a vegan lifestyle. From there, Omnom was born.

“We felt there was a place for an ethical-focused publication that was approachable and open to all kinds of people and lifestyles. We never wanted to be vegans writing for an exclusively vegan audience; instead, we wanted to create content that appealed to everyone.

“We wanted to show that being vegan can be easy, cost-efficient, healthy and—even better—insanely delicious. But most of all, we wanted to break down the stereotype that all vegans are judgemental, militant or depriving themselves of the good life to make a moral point. Our community is just made up of normal people and actually, we’re pretty easygoing.

“Having focused heavily on food in Issue One, we wanted to move beyond what goes on the table in Issue Two. While food is at the heart of what we do, we found that veganism seeped at the edges into other movements we cared about: the zero waste movement and how to reduce our impact on the planet, growing food from home, buying cruelty-free makeup and clothing and learning how to be vocal activists about all of these causes. As these various movements evolve over time, we see the magazine growing alongside them.”

⚡️ Issue 2 of Omnom is shipping this week. You can pick up your own copy (£9) today at