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Caboodle is a magazine that caught my eye online recently. The magazine is quite hard to miss, with its bright, engaging covers and enthusiastic demeanor, and highlights creators and makers from around the world.

Kayti Peschke, the one-woman team behind Caboodle, takes us back to the start of the magazine...

“The magazine started as a need to create. I’d been working as a fashion photographer for 15 years but due to a sudden chronic illness I had to give it all up overnight and was going mad at home not being able to shoot. So the idea of a mag came as an outlet for all my creative energy and ideas, something I could do from home to keep me sane!

“Other than shooting for mags I had no experience in design or publication, but I’d always loved magazines and am a huge paper nerd. So I threw myself into it with plenty of enthusiasm. I really just created a mag that I would like to read: colourful, fun and optimistic with a little bit of everything in it, and thankfully people really connected with it. It always had to be a print mag. That was so important; it had to be something you could hold and that felt beautiful.

“Caboodle is essentially a one woman show—run from my little bungalow in York—but I co-ordinate commissions and submissions from a team of wonderful creatives from all over the world to bring it all together. I’ve just published the 7th issue and it’s become a real showcase for sharing the work of creatives, makers, artists and illustrators. I want Caboodle to be an open door to anyone wanting to get involved with content and have met so many amazing people through it.”

Kayti recently published Caboodle's 7th issue for SS18. Go check it out at