New on Subsail: Teams

Thursday, 7 December, 2017 — Product updates

Invite colleagues to manage subscriptions with you.

Today sees the launch of Subsail’s latest feature: the ability to have your colleagues help manage your subscriptions.

This is how teams in Subsail works…

1) Go to User nav (top right) > Settings and click on Manage team members

2) You’ll see a page with a list of members (only you at first!). Beneath the list, there is a simple form to invite a colleague by email.

3) When you invite people, they receive an email that includes an invitation link. This link leads them to a signup page; once that’s done, they’re in! They can then access and manage your Subsail account with you.

Don’t forget, you can manage multiple accounts from a single sign-in. Hit the “Manage accounts” link in your user nav to create a new account or switch between your accounts.

Posted by Dan Rowden on Thursday, 7 December, 2017