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I recently silently launched Subsail's new renewal system, which has seen a dramatic increase in successful charges.

The new renewals process will automatically retry subscription renewal charges four times over a five day period. Whereas before, a subscription would have been cancelled immediately after a first failed payment, this system will attempt payment a further three times (days 1, 3 and 5 after a first failed payment) before a cancellation on the last day.

This retry process is called "Dunning" and will help keep your subscriptions active and payments coming in when a payment fails due to a temporary reason like insufficient funds.

Any subscriptions in dunning will be marked "Past due" within your account. On a subscription page, you will see the grey "Past due" label followed by the next retry date.

You can also filter for "Past due" subscriptions by using the "Status" dropdown.

We're already seeing more than 60% of failed payments being resolved now this dunning system in in place ⚡️