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You can now easily let your customers choose their subscription's start issue.

This new feature piggy backs on Subsail's existing feature of "flexi-start" subscriptions, where the start issue changes automatically based on your issue release dates. (This is so you don't have to manually update your product each time you make a new issue).

Now, you can also offer your next issue as a start issue option alongside your current issue.

How the new products work

1) Select the "Current or next issue" option when creating a new subscription product.

Creating a "flexi-start" product. Note the new "Current or next issue" option.

2) When a customer selects a "Current or next issue" product at checkout, they will see an option on the right to select their first issue.

Purchasing a subscription with the "Current or next issue" option.

Remember to use the "Date as start issue" dates on your Issues to determine your schedule for changing the start issues for your products.

A revised checkout design

This new update also features an updated checkout design. This design is an optional change as some publishers have custom CSS and Javascript applied to their current design. You can upgrade to the new design from your Customise checkout settings.

Using version 2 is required if you offer "current or next" products.

New settings for updating the checkout design.

✨ Also in this update: edit product prices

A product's price, postage rates and start issue are now editable. Previously, they could no longer be changed once a sale had been made.

Please note: existing renewing subscribers will always stay on the original purchase price; any changes to your products will only affect new subscriptions.