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I just launched an updated status system for your subscription, which includes a better cancellation flow for both you and your subscribers.

Cancelling subscriptions

When a renewing subscription is "cancelled" in Subsail, there are no two clear options:

1) stop future renewal payments but keep any remaining purchased issues active, or
2) cancel both the payments and the unsent issues.

This distinction is now easier to understand and view for both you as a publisher and for your subscribers.

In your Subsail account, you'll now see a "Stop renewals / Cancel" link, which takes you to an updated cancellation page.

For active renewing subscriptions, you'll see the two different cancellation options:

For non-renewing subscriptions, you'll see a simple confirmation:

Subscribers also now see an updated form when cancelling renewing subscriptions, where they can optionally cancel unsent issues rather than just their renewal payments:

New statuses

With this update, there is a new subscription status, Active - renewals stopped. Previously, a subscription whose renewals had been stopped would be labelled as Cancelled even if it had active issues remaining, which understandably caused some confusion.

You can view a full explanation of Subsail's different statuses in the Support docs.