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For episode 22 of Mag Heroes, my magazine podcast (just re-launched with a fourth season), I chatted with Sam Diss about Mundial, the football lifestyle magazine he runs with his mates from London, UK.

Here is an edited excerpt from the full episode.

How Mundial got started

“I think it's safe to say it was sort of a little bit ad hoc. It was kind of a bit of a maybe like a group chat that kind of got out of hand.

“It was just sort of a way to actually work with a lot of our friends. We had a base of not necessarily writers, but people that we thought were interesting; you know, good in the pub, good storytellers who were constantly going to football and who were exploring different avenues of football culture, be that going to like mad away games across the world or being involved with non-league teams.

“It kind of transformed from there. As it started to pick up and gain a bit more momentum, people were sort of looking out for it and a few people had said they started anticipating the release of the magazine a bit like an album release. It became like a real thing that they were looking forward to.

“I think that what came after that is we sort of went ‘All right, fuck, let's actually do our best to make this into a proper organized magazine’.”

Why New York is issue 19's cover feature

“New York is the world's most all-encompassing cultural city. It's a touch point for so many areas of pop culture and has been for the best part of a century. To bring football into that and see how that interacts with that, the tensions and the ways that it thrives in that environment was something I found fascinating, and it just really encapsulate everything I love about football.”

How their Sunday League football team is working in the community

“We thought, what if we made that essentially a professionalised Sunday League team, with all the opportunities that professional teams get and with the quality of players which is above and beyond what you'd expect?

“How would that interact, how would that allow us to tell other kinds of football stories at that level? How would that give us an opportunity to approach merch differently or to approach the way that we interact with our community differently?

“Now what we do is not just ‘Look at us, aren't we fucking great at football’, it's also how can we become the touch point for local football in Hackney, whether that's kids and community sessions or it's training schemes.”

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