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Print vs digital is a funny little battle that indie print publishers face. What do you put online if you're a print-first magazine? Can you reach and entice new print readers by making your content available online? Does it make sense to produce digital-only content to compliment the print magazine?

Recently, Elliot and Samantha from Lagom took the decision to stop creating online-only features and post only their print content online. I asked Elliot why.

“Sam and I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about how we run Lagom, and although ultimately the end product is a printed magazine, the majority our workload is actually ‘other stuff’ — logistics, planning, liaison with partners and stockists and printers and distributors, marketing, that sort of thing.

“And when we talk about marketing, we're really talking about everything we put out digitally: content for the website, social media posts, newsletters. As well as (hopefully) driving people to buy the magazine, all of that content that you put out there has to reinforce the story of your brand, and the message you're trying to spread.

“We reached a point where we realised that we were spending  loads of time and effort putting out posts for the site and social channels that just didn't really reflect the quality of the magazine; we were just putting it out there because apparently ‘that's what you have to do’ when you have a product, right?

“Well, no. And it goes against the entire message the magazine represents, too. We're a tiny team—it's literally just the two of us—and this change is us attempting to work smarter, for us and for the magazine itself.”

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