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This is the second of a new series of posts looking at the technology powering independent magazines. Read more #indiemagtech posts.

“I'm kind of resilient to trying apps and workflow systems. I've never got along well with Trello. Classic print person.”

Akin is a new magazine run by editor and founder Alice Pomfret. It's a ring-bound magazine that features a single person for each issue. The first issue was dedicated to the late architect, Zaha Hadid.

Always interested in the underlying services that help turn ideas into physical magazines, I asked Alice to list some of the tools she uses to make Akin.


Content planning

Blinkplan is a flat-planning website that allows you to map your magazine out visually. It also allows you to change the status of each page. It's so handy so you can keep up to date with what content you have, what pages you've laid out and which ones are ready to proof.

Seeing as Akin is a side project for me and I don't work on it daily, Blinkplan allows me to pick up on the status of the mag whenever I please. It also means I don't forget things, which is always a good thing.

Social media management

I used to run a typography platform named DankType and that's where I stumbled across It's a website that allows you to schedule your social media posts. Once again, this tool allows me to keep things ticking during the week whilst I am working.

I normally get into the routine of posting a week of content on Sunday, scheduling for most days at times when our followers are most active. This means I'm not constantly on my phone thinking of things to post and hashtags to add. It also allows me to plan content and makes the whole posting more considered.


Email marketing

Who doesn't love Mailchimp? Like most people I use Mailchimp to send a fortnightly newsletter to people who have subscribed. Because we ran a Kickstarter campaign it allowed us to build a group of subscribers from the offset. I hate the idea of bombarding people with emails but it is the most direct and easy way to talk to our subscribers. We also let them into secrets, which haven't been released publicly yet. [Newsletters] seem to be doing well for us; we have a 77% open rate and only positive feedback.

Watch out for more #indiemagtech posts coming soon!