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This article originally featured in the Coverage email newsletter on March 1, 2018.

Have you heard of Mag Shuffle, the new pick-and-mix magazine subscription service?

It's quite a clever system: pay monthly or yearly, then choose your magazine each month from Mag Shuffle's broad selection of the best titles. Founder Christo Hall selects, reviews and recommends magazines to help you find the perfect mag each month.

I asked Christo to recommend some magazines to help you on your next trip to the local newsagents or book shop. Here are five mags he is “currently smitten with.”

1. Tapas

I'm not particularly a food enthusiast, yet this Spanish food mag has me hooked. A sign of a really good magazine is one that, despite a narrow focus, can draw in the interest of a reader not very familiar with its topic. Tapas is a highly original and unrivalled combination of food and pop culture. The covers are always pleasingly embossed, the photography creative and comical, and the features eye-opening.

2. Real Review

Here's a topic for which I am an enthusiast (in another life, I write and edit articles about urbanism, including for LOBBY magazine). Real Review is dense but the ideas explored in its pages always endure. Its focus is art, architecture and politics and one of its memorable aspects is its intriguing folded design.

3. Run For Your Life

I don't know if this is a magazine that will be a regular. Editor Luke Leighfield has said that it may just be a one off, but this first edition is a superb collection of stories about those who run. The emphasis here is on the people, expressed through longform essays and understated portrait photography.

4. Mayday

Another new title, this Danish biannual magazine published its first issue in the second half of last year and it was an impressive debut. Mayday tackles social and political issues through essays and interviews, with flair and poise. Its goal—to embrace uncertainty with optimism—is certainly timely. Magazines like Mayday, along with the likes of Delayed Gratification and Positive News, give me hope.

5. The Believer

After a two-year hiatus it's back! I get so nostalgic thinking about The Believer, it's probably the first magazine of any substance that I really got into, and I'm sure I spent more time reading this magazine than my university text books. For me, it's always had the perfect balance of structure and surprise, and while I've only read one of the new series of magazines, it didn't disappoint.

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