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Today sees the launch of three big updates to Subsail’s selling product.

Promo codes

Discount codes are here! Combined with campaign codes (used to track promotional campaigns), they make up a new part of Subsail, “promo codes.”

You can create discount codes for amount, percentage and free shipping, which gives you a nice range of choices to entice new subscribers.

Promo codes are available from the updated Sell menu in your account:

Every promo code gets its own shortlink, which are designed to be shared online or on printed material. They are short and easy to type into a URL, like this:

When customers visit a shortlink, the code is automatically applied to the checkout, enabling quick and painless discounts and campaign tracking.

(Shortlinks also apply to your regular checkout and customer pages, ie: is the same as

New checkout layouts

Alongside a new promo code field in the form, Subsail’s checkout has got a lot better.

  1. You can now choose from three different layouts: one column, two columns and paged.
  2. The form has also been optimised for space, with smaller inputs and smaller line heights, decreasing the amount of scrolling required.
  3. When using the overlay checkout, the loading experience is a lot smoother.

I’ve been working hard throughout October on this update and I’m very happy this is now out in the wild. I have a lot more coming to Subsail, including constant iterations on this selling component to increase your conversions.