An indie magazine publication by Subsail

Issuu is a fascinating online magazine platform, where publishers upload their magazines for people to read either in a web browser or through the Issuu apps.

I integrated Issuu into Magpile back in 2012, allowing users to read the magazines they were discovering, and it proved a popular feature. Ever since, I've always found Issuu to be a quirky and interesting place to browse; the collection of magazines ranges from passion projects, corporate brochures, supermarket magazines, Premier League programmes, zines and even bootleg copies of major newsstand titles.

Issuu offers publishers a pretty comprehensive digital platform to publish their magazines and, more recently and perhaps more pertinently, sell digital copies (and subscriptions). I'm personally happy to see a company take on the digital magazine market, as it is quite under-served and no-one (even Apple) seem to know what the ideal system should be.

Over the years I've followed and irregularly read a handful of free music titles on Issuu. In high school we would get a range of music titles delivered for us to peruse during lunch break and I loved that; this is like a 2019 version of that.


“Almost certainly the greatest music magazine of all time.” (UK)

Local Wolves

“Local Wolves is an independent publication driven by the passion of storytelling for creative minds from diverse fields of work.” (US)

The Music

“The Music has the most comprehensive nationwide coverage of Australia’s music scene.” (Australia)

Mad Sounds

“Mad Sounds Magazine is an independent online and print publication for creative souls, dedicated to the young and daring.” (US)


“TEO aims to be a source of inspiration and escape into a world of art, music and fashion.” (Australia)


“Crack Magazine is a free, national publication that focuses on contemporary music and art.” (UK)

Heart Eyes

“A music publication highlighting how music affects life.” (US)

So Young

“So Young is a magazine for music fans created by music fans.” (UK)

These are by no means the only music magazines—let alone decent magazines—on Issuu. Maybe you'll find something you like.