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Let’s have a look at some ideas for you as a magazine publisher on how to harness the excitement and hype that Black Friday brings.

Black Friday is almost upon us. Love it or hate it, the Black Friday phenomenon has spread worldwide in recent years and now is a big date in the calendar for businesses and customers alike.

Note: You could pick and implement single ideas below, or combine multiple to make a more comprehensive strategy.

1) Create discount codes

Offer people money off your goods. This is the basic idea around Black Friday. Go ahead and create some discount codes, then tell your readership and followers about them.If you’re selling on multiple platforms (i.e.: Squarespace and Subsail), a good idea is to create the same code on both platforms, so you can send a single code out to your customers.

How to: Big Cartel (Premium feature), Shopify, Squarespace, Subsail

2) Reduce prices (add a sale price)

An alternative to discount codes is to simply put your products on sale. This allows you to be more specific (choose only certain products to discount), yet at the same time be more general; every visitor will see the discounted prices (without needing a code, as above).

How to: Shopify, Squarespace

3) Tell your readership

Spread the word about your promotion. You should aim to inform people who already know about your magazine (readers, subscribers), but also target people who don’t. A sale is a great method of gaining new customers, giving them a lower barrier to purchase and a better reason to take the leap.

You probably have followers on multiple platforms, like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and email newsletters, so engage them all. Then to reach new customers, you can try the next step…

4) Promote with ads

Advertising on social media is a cheap and effective tool nowadays. You could consider promoting your sales on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Just make sure the content you promote looks like a regular posts—these promotions will show up in people’s feeds alongside normal content—to get better return.

There’s no need to go overboard here; spending $10/day over the weekend will get thousands of eyes on your promotion.

Read more: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

5) Create different offers for different channels

Discounts and offers seem more appealing if they are tailored and exclusive to their audience. Instead of sending a single offer to everyone, consider creating a few different campaigns (e.g.: one for Twitter, one for your newsletter, one for your subscribers). Make sure it’s clear that the offer is for that audience, to make it more personal and hopefully drive more sales.

6) Remind your readership

You are not going to reach all of your readers or followers with one tweet or a single email. Assuming you have multiple social media channels, make sure you’re posting your offers everywhere you can.

Additionally, make sure you post a few different times, if your offers span multiple days. The idea of an offer is to make more sales, so post multiple times in order to reach as many people as possible.